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HIAB Crane Operator Training Course

Q. How do I train and certify my HIAB crane operators?

A. Start with Atlas Polar's HIAB Crane Operator Training Course.

Under Ontario's labour legislation, owners of articulated cranes under 16,000 lbs. capacity must accredit their operators.

Atlas Polar, the Canadian distributor for HIAB cranes, offers two comprehensive operator training courses, designed to help owners and managers accredit their operators.

These courses:

  • apply to operator accreditation
  • improve operator safety
  • increase operator productivity
  • extend the life of your crane
  • reduce crane down-time

Accreditation Course 1A: HIAB CRANE OPERATION

This one-day course combines practical and theoretical aspects of crane safety and operation. This course has been developed to meet the intent of regulations contained in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Ontario). This is a diploma course for experienced operators. Alternatively, an operator must have attended course 1B, and have one month of operational experience with an articulated crane.


This half-day course is designed to introduce new operators to articulated crane operation and prepare them for course 1A. The course includes written and hands-on training, with an emphasis on safety. A one-on-one practice session with a crane is included. Following the course, the operator should arrange for a minimum of one month of hands-on work with an articulated crane, accompanied by another registered and accredited operator.

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